My Fangirling World


1. Yonghwa was born in 1989.06.22.
2. Yonghwa’s birth place is Busan.
3. Yonghwa’s Body secrete –> There’s Red dot on his arm.
4. Yonghwa has a nickname when he was young, thats “Yong Yong”.
5. Yonghwa’s Favorite seasons are Spring and Winter.
6. Yonghwa said he want to get married when he wants to, no care about age.
7. Yonghwa wanna has two children when he got married.
8. Q: “What type of father do you want to be?” Yonghwa said he wanna be father like a friend.
9. Here are Yonghwa’s Favorite fashion brand : Lanvin, Givenchy Watanabe Junya and Comme des Garcons.
10. Yonghwa’s Favorite fashion items are Shoes, clothes with a point.
11. Yonghwa hate bees and cockroaches.
12. Yonghwa ususally drinks a cup of coffee as soon as he wakes up in the morning.
13. Listening to music or composing are Yonghwa activities just before he fall asleep.
14. Clothes that Yonghwa wears when he sleep is Pajamas.
15. Yonghwa’s favorite animal is Tiger. That’s why he loves leopard things.
16. Yonghwa’s motto of life >> “Power of positiveness.”
17. Yonghwa’s first love is when he was 1st year of middle school.
18. Yonghwa ever been dumped, because he can’t say ‘let’s part’ to girl.
19. Name of Yonghwa’s dog is Jjing.
20. Thriller is Yonghwa’s favorite movie genre
22. Yonghwa good at playing basket ball.
23. Because he loves basket, once Yonghwa fell for the Japanese drama ‘Buzzer beat’.
24. Yonghwa said when he get tired, he’ll listen to CNBLUE ‘One time’.
25. Yonghwa’s favorite colors are gold, silver, black and blue.
26. Yonghwa’s favorite food is Meat.
27. Q:”Which do you like, a pig or a rabbit??” Yonghwa pick rabbit. He said rabbit is cute.
28. Yonghwa has one brother.
29. If Yonghwa has a summer vacation, he wanna go to sea.
30. For Yonghwa, the happiest moment in his life is every time of live performance.
31. Q:”When you were touched most?” Yonghwa:”At our first live concert, by the cheer of many fans.”
32. Q:”When you felt sad most?” Yonghwa:”When I was diagnosed as vocal cord nodules.”
33. Part of Yonghwa’s body or face he like is Eyes.
34. While part of Yonghwa’s body or face he hate is mouth.
35. Although Yonghwa doesn’t compose, he turn on the composing software everyday.
36. Yonghwa’s jinx >> He goes to the rest room before the live performance.
37. Subject that Yonghwa was good at are English and Physical education.
38. Yonghwa was poor at Math.
39. Special activities when Yonghwa was in school are Department of band, discussion of current events, pool, RCY(Red Cross Youth).
40. Yonghwa revealed that his specialty is imitating.
41. The biggest boast in Yonghwa’s room is Composing equipments which is being increased little by little.
42. Yonghwa’s childhood treasure is Pictures.
43. MP3 player, wallet are things that yonghwa keep with him everyday.
44. Q:”When you were young, what did you want to be when you grow up?” Yonghwa:”I would like to perform in front of a lot of people.”
45. For Yonghwa,the most influential people in his life till now is family.
46. Yonghwa said he learned about a lot of pop song from his older brother.
47. Yonghwa said his favorite mother’s cooking food is fried Chicken Coated With Sweet Tangy Sauce (Tak-Kang-Jeong).
48. Yonghwa’s favorite place in Tokyo >> Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yoyogi park, Harajuku.
49. Yonghwa’s favorite place in Korea is Hongdae street in Seoul.
50. Besides Japan, other country Yonghwa would like to study music are Sweden, England and US.
51. Yonghwa never be afraid of ghost thing, but he afraid of goldfish.
52. Yonghwa said his lucky number is “1”.
53. Sleeping is Yonghwa’s way of relieving if he’s in bad condition.
54. Q:”What’s your favorite behavior or face expression of women?” Yonghwa: “Smiling face”
55. Yonghwa loves rainy day the most.
56. Yonghwa likes accessories and he loves star shape.
57. One of Yonghwa’s favorite song is Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”.
58. Yonghwa admires actor Jang Dong Gein. He said he want to be an actor like Jang Dong Geun.
59. Q: Who is your close celebrity? Yonghwa: FT Island.
60. When he was student, Yonghwa was in top 10 in his class.
61. Yonghwa: When I was a child, I had a dream of being a president, doctor or others. As I grow older, my dream became a singer.
62. YongHwa: I’m not a double eyelid person but my eyes are relatively big, so I like and have confident in my eyes.
63. If there is a chance, Yonghwa likes to act as a bad guy role someday.
64. Yonghwa can cook Ddukboki (rice cake with chili paste) or Fried rice & kimchi.
65. Love light is Yonghwa’s story of first love.He met the girl at institute and he was attracted by first sight.
66. When Yonghwa can listen to the sound of the rain without any thought is when he’s the most happy.
67. But Yonghwa said the weather he hates most is raining from sunny sky, a sun shower.
68. YongHwa is interested in hip hop a lot. He is good at DJ-ing.
69. Yonghwa has collected many cars models since young.
70. When Yonghwa has finished all the schedule of a day and go home, He’ll open the computer program and start composing some melodies.
71. Yonghwa is the youngest at home and he’s pampered at home. But, in CNBLUE, he looks more matured because he’s the oldest.
72. All Yonghwa’s family member are a cautious A blood type.
73. YongHwa loves fashion a lot, he knows names of designers, brand, fashion show news very well.
74. Yonghwa really likes shopping, when he read magazines, he will use the pictures for references.
75. Usually, Yonghwa likes wearing T-shirt and jeans.
76. YongHwa’s favorite Japanese musician is Mister Children.
77. The first song that Yonghwa cover is BLINK 182 “All The Small Thing”.
78. Yonghwa likes shopping for nitty gritty things as well.
80. For preparing First step album, Yonghwa runs in the treadmill a lot and gets his body into shape.
81. When Yonghwa was 3rd year of highscool,at summer vacation, he told parents that he would go to school.But he went to Hawoondae beach.
82. Yonghwa uses 0,75 acoustic pick.
83. Yonghwa’s dog, Jjing was born in 2002.
84. Yonghwa was a swimming player for his elementary school.
85. Jonghyun said Yonghwa hyung can’t have time to sleep sometimes.
86. As the oldest and the leader, naturally Yonghwa think about his dongsaengs.
87. Minhyuk said Yonghwa took a very good care of dongsaengs. Once he had a stomachache, Yonghwa even gave him a stomach massage.
88. Yonghwa start to have an interestic music when he was during his first year of middle school.
89. Yonghwa love listened to pop group *NSYNC’s and Backstreet Boys’ music when he was middle school.
90. JonghHyun said Yonghwa hyung, although his appearance is cool and perfect, he’s more of the joker/prankster out of the four of us.
91. Yonghwa also can play piano, he learned it since he was young.
92. YongHwa became a fan of Ueno Juri after watching Nodame Cantabile.
93. Once Yonghwa said he wants to snatch MinHyuk’s role (drummer).
94. Q: If not for CNBLUE, what kind of life will you are living now? YongHwa: I like accessories and shoes, maybe I will do designing.
95. YongHwa is a stubborn writer. He always writes lyrics by himself.
96. YongHwa is not good at expressing directly what he usually feels. If he write lyric, he feel like his emotion is expressed better.
97. Q: what type of girls do you like? YongHwa: I like kind girls, someone who can understand me and give me 100% support.
98. Sometimes, Yonghwa can’t wait to have magazine photoshoot so that he can change style.
99. Yonghwa said Dancing is hard! – “I like to dance but I can’t dance well!”
100. YongHwa: “I would like to be friends with everyone that i’ve met.”

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  1. i love Yonghwa oppa smile.. it make me happy..

  2. wah!! nice facts of yong hwa…

  3. armenia jean alemania

    oh! my god we have a same blood type.. and and we’re also same joining in rcy(red cross youth).. super like the facts of yong hwa..

  4. marieljoyce puyo

    [ DAEBAK ] I love Jung Yong Hwa a LOT !!! …

  5. marieljoyce puyo

    He really makes me HAPPY everyday 🙂 I’m always listening to his songs 😀

  6. To @all : Thanks, you read my post and thanks for ur comment 🙂 ,, yonghwa is my first bias in CNBLUE

  7. natasha

    dun like the fact bout love light… 😦 i thot its for seohyun 😦

    • Wenn

      Actually love light idea first come out when he met that unknown gorl. But only kind of “idea of creating” but in fact, he can’t finish it and end up with kinda no lyric’s music. And when WGM show make yongseo closer day by day, the lyric just come out on his mind so he decide to complete that posponed song. But he did declare that when he write out the lyrics, the one that he think about is seohyun. And he confirm in front of seohyun that the song was created for her 🙂 i know it from watching WGM. Hope that will help ^^

      • Wenn

        And he also confirmed that the rap-ing part of love light “im genie for you girl” are taken from snsd’s genie when seohyun asked him about that.

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  9. asthia

    I Love JUNG YONGHWA..!!!so much…:)

  10. We have a lot of common things !! Gosh !! Now i love him more <3<3

  11. janelle

    iloveyou oppa be happy okey 4ever ♥

  12. Hey! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up for
    the great data you could have here on this post. I can
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  13. Whats up! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you have got
    here on this post. I might be coming again
    to your blog for extra soon.

  14. The facts are all great! I love it 😀 Yonghwa oppa jjang, love you oppa~

  15. MoChan

    Saranghae :*

  16. Sara1998

    He’s a great guy that every girl would love to spend time with. Wish him good life 🙂

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  18. allinblue4

    thank you so much for the post 🙂

    by the way I can’t see number 21 and 79, what;s wrong with these facts? 🙂

  19. Cool blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download
    it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements
    would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your design.

  20. Eun Hee

    멋진 블로그, 무례하게 의미하지 않는다 그러나 영어 문법 특정 지점에서 lackig 있습니다. 아마 더 연습 (?)

  21. Yaya

    Jong yong hwa ! Love u oppa :-* i used to hear backstreet boys too when i was a kid ! Heartstring and CNBLUE Daebak !

  22. Amanda

    I love yonghwa so much 😊 maryy me yong~ 😆

  23. asiat

    after reading all that about yonghwa oppa, am falling so madly in love with him more.
    saranghae oppa

  24. abiona101

    Actually, he lived in Busan but he was born in Gangnam

  25. teemerh

    wah!!! wat a miracle 🙂 we hv d sme blood group nd d sme likes nd dislikes,..really cherish your songs oppa keep it up…..hpe u cn hear me frm Nigeria …..wish I cn see you heart to heart one day..wish Im ur feature wife woooo

  26. mhica agramon

    i really love the facts of yong hwa ur my favorite in cnblue keep it up wish i can see u in person and cnblue back here in phillippines me and my mom love the songs of cnblue saranghae oppa 🙂 :*

  27. Sorry can not tell

    I love yong hwa we are the same at many things like moon sign and the studying facts he is the best of all the kpop and my mouth looks the same as him i really love him i aways listen to his songs but unluckily i am egyption so i can not ever meet him 😥

  28. Jadeyn

    yonghwa is sooo… cool

  29. Priya

    21& 79 are missing

  30. Angelin Jemima

    I love Jong hwa…..l love ur smile and ur eyes I love it

  31. Yonghwaoppa

    you mean 98 fact because your missing 21 and 79 😛

  32. Kwon Yuri

    yong oppa wrote love light for seohyun. he was inspired by hyun unnie, same as for the banmal song

  33. mary jane delmoro

    Since the very first day that i’ve seen you in tv and hear you singing “because I miss you”, I started to like you even more though I didn’t undersrand what does that song says because I know nothing about korean language, still I really loved it and from that day I could say that “I’ve fallen for you” and that I’m looking forward to see you in flesh someday…I wish that you could have atleast one concert with the rest of CNBlue band here in the Philippines…♡♡♡★★★^-^

  34. 'shweta' from india

    hi..m shweta from india…i know u dont hav that much time to read each nd every comment..m ur big fan..i really want to meet u once in life and wanna see ur live concert once..is there any way that u talk to ur fans by phone…i dont know ur language but i have started learning….really luv u..

  35. yuki_anj22

    I personally am passive to which means that I cant express my feelings in person either which is something I have in common because I write songs to which show how I feel, which is pretty awesome to no someone who knows how I feel.:-D

  36. Saranghe jung yong hwa.you’re my idol;

    • Bayan

      My dream is to travel to Korea to meet you I love you so much and Korea also because of you

  37. Susan

    You’re perfect Jung Yong Hwa Mr. Korean I adore you I love everything in you I became love guitar because of you and I decide to learn how to play it one of my dreams is to travel to Korea to enjoy there and to meet you I love your songs and your beautiful voice

  38. Bayan

    All my family and friends know how much I love you an I don’t want anyone to love you because I protect jealously you

  39. Susan

    No Yong hwa. You’re mouth is so beautiful

  40. mahrin

    Hey! Its really awesome to know about yonghwa.there are almost all facts are similar with me.I m really happy that my star n I have similar facts.really want to meet u jung oppa.
    From an Indian fan.thank u.

  41. Kat wek

    What I read about Jung Yong-HWA. He has a head on his shoulder and I hope he stays that way. I always liked him, when I first saw him in she beautiful. I just love it a lot and brought the dvd. He is a great actor.

  42. Kat wek

    What I read about Jung Yong-HWA. He has a head on his shoulder and I hope he stays that way. I always liked him, when I first saw him in she beautiful. I just love it a lot and brought the dvd. He is a great actor. God Bless and Keep You Safe and Healthy.

  43. lee mae gyu won

    oppa i relly like you
    especially your drama heartsring i really love it
    i cant move on
    im your # 1 idol you and park shin hye

  44. His killer smile makes me happy and complete. Someday, my wish come true 😘😊 saranghae💕💕

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