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100 Facts about Lee Jungshin:

1. Jungshin was born at Ilsan, on September 15th, 1991.
2. Jungshin position in CNBLUE is rapper and bassist.
3. Jungshin is the tallest but he’s the youngest in the band.
4. When Jungshin was a freshman in high school he was stressed out because he was so small.
5. But Going into high school, every year Jungshin grew 10cm and now, he got over 187cm.
6. Jungshin called “Untouchable” Because his own picture in his Japanese blog before CNBLUE debut, he’s rarely smiled.
7. Minhyuk is closest member to Jungshin. Because they’re same age, they can treat each other like friend.
8. Jungshin is the youngest in his family as well.
9. Jungshin thinks that maybe because parents taught him like a girl, he has always been obedient.
10. When he was a child, Jungshin was just a mischievous boy. He liked to play around with friends.
11. Jungshin loved carrying bags and put a lot of snacks inside ever since he was kid.
12. Jungshin said ”I have not changed this habit until now. I have to carry a bag with me everywhere.”
13. Jungshin got airplane as the birthday present when he had his 7 years old birthday and he couldn’t sleep after receiving it.
14. Jungshin’s child habits at weekends, slept in one of his friend’s house or slept together w/ friends in his house.
15. When he was a child, Jungsin and his family lived in apartment.
16. Once Jungshin wanted a puppy. He really wanted to raise Siberian Husky.
17. Every year children’s day, he nagged his parents to buy Siberian Husky, but they never bought.
18. The money Jungshin get from his company goes directly to his mother.
19. Jungshin contacts his parents often. Everyday he report what he did for one day through messenger.
20. Mother knows all of Jungshin’s activities. She monitors Jungshin’s work.
21. At first, Jonghyun used to tease Jungshin as Mama boy. It because Jungshin is very close to his mom.
22. For Jungshin, Food that made by his mother is full of love. “Mother’s taste is THE BEST!”
23. Jungshin has special teacher in his memory. She was homeroom teacher of first year of high school. (She was at ‘Making the artist’)
24. At 1st year of high school, Jungshin was too much interested in appearance. He did piercing, wore earing and mended his pants very narrow.
25. Jungshin said Ye Eun of Wonder girls went same high school as him.
26. When Jungshin was young, there were many kinds of job that he wanted to do such as businessman, photographer, police officer.
27. And Jungshin’s original dream, up until elementary school, He wanted to be the corporation CEO.
28. During middle school or 5th grade, Jungshin’s friend showed him Mr. Big videos, then he started to have an interest in music.
29. Jungshin’s idol is Mr. Big. He said Mr. Big demonstrates how good the image of a band can be.
30. Jungshin also interested in a fashion model work. He went out to Seoul Fashion Week twice. He really enjoyed it.
31. Jungshin said if he got chance to do acting, he wants a manly and cold guy role.
32. Jungshin appeared in 4-minute’s MV “Heart to Heart”. The music video proposal came to him directly.
33. In Jungshin’s room, so many kinds of medicines are stacked up. Fans gave him them.
34. Jungshin has many tablet bottles. He marked what is it, what is that, such as Royal Jelly, Omega-3.
35. Jungshin said they are not bad medicines. All are patented and certified medicines.
36. Jonghyun: When we go back home after schedule, Jungshin makes a round to each room to feed us all kinds of dietary supplement.
37. Jungshin was Minhyuk’s roommate in their old dorm. JS:”I’m good to be with neat MinHyuk. I become neat too.”
38. Jungshin doesn’t like rainy day. He hates sticky feeling and holding up umbrella.
39. Jungshin’s favourite movie is SAW. He said it’s scary but he enjoyed it.
40. Once at Japan Fanmeet Talk, Jungshin said he doesn’t know how to make soft tofu stew.
41. Jungshin had a memories pen. There’s only 1 pen on his desk for 2 months and he used this to write everything.
42. Jungshin has week holiday, he want to stay with his parents and have an overseas vacation together.
43. Jungshin revealed that he loves to sleep.
44. Shopping, eating delicious food and talking to his friends, that’s all Jungshin’s way to distract the bad mood.
45. When there is no schedule Jungshin will watch movies, dramas and do online shopping for spending a free time.
46. The first song Jungshin cover with bass was Radio Head .
47. Before Jungshin became a trainee, he had friends that were in bands, because of them, he saw different instruments and loved the low tone of bass.
48. Jungshin usually compose song first then write the lyrics. When it doesn’t work out, he look for delicious food to eat.
49. Jungshin revealed that he is trying to gain more experience to write songs himself.
50. Jungshin: “I’m currently learning how to compose from Yonghwa hyung.”
51. Jungshin often listens to hip hop music as well.
52. Jungshin’s Favourite artists are American rock band Hoobastank, Maroon 5.
53. Piano is other instrument Jungshin would like to learn.
54. MinHyuk said Jungshin is the “dancing king” in CNBLUE.
55. Jungshin:”sometimes, my dancing moves are exagerated during performances. that’s why fans calls me “dancing king.”
56. Jungshin: ”My friends think I’m a “hot-blooded guy”. I always decide on what to do and my friends just follow.”
57. Jungshin: ”I’m the type to be very shy if someone doesn’t approach me first, but if someone approaches me, I give them everything.
58. Jungshin is such a hero in CNBLUE. When each member have a different arguments n made a conflict, he solve it with tell a funny thing.
59. YongHwa: “Among our members, Jungshin is the most hilarious.”
60. YongHwa: “Jungshin is really a joker, but even though he likes to joke around, he’s a very positive person. A really good dongsaeng.”
61. Jonghyun said Jungshin has a very reliable personality, a shoulder to lean on, and it brings sense of security to girls.
62. JongHyun: “Jungshin is very strange, sometimes we are obviously late for something, he will insist to go by riding a bicycle.”
63. Minhyuk said Jungshin has a cool look, but he’s actually quite shy.
64. YongHwa: “Jungshin has a great overall look and his facial features are beautiful too, but his legs are real hairy!”
65. JongHyun: “I think everybody thinks Jungshin’s eyes are big. When he sleeps, his eyes are open because they’re too big to be closed!”
66. Jungshin : ”I may look fine, in fact, that’s the way to cover the weak-side of me.”
67. Jungshin started playing music from friends who formed a band and he thought bass was the most charming instrument.
68. Jungshin’s favorite color is all black.
69. Q: When do you think yourself look most handsome? | Jungshin: I don’t know either, maybe when I play bass too.
70. Before Jungshin go on the stage, usually he eats something a bit.
71. For Jungshin, Parents is the most influential people in his life. ” They taught me to be friendly and get along in life.”
72. Jungshin’s fav things other than music > Taking pictures in a place where many people walk by. Billiards and also shopping.
73. “9” is a lucky number for Jungshin.
74. Jungshin’s fav place In Tokyo is Shibuya and the streets in Shinjuku.
75. While Jungshin’s fav place in Korea are lake Park, La Festa (shopping mall) and Western Dome.
76. When Jungshin was young he used to take walks, ride the bicycle with his friends or do inline skating in Lake Park.
77. As He’s now busy, he hasn’t been able to go Lake Park for a long time, but he really want to go there again.
78. A Career Jungshin would choose if he’s not in CNBLUE is photographer.
79. Jungshin likes photography. He used to take pictures outside when he was having a bad mood.
80. Jungshin likes photography because his uncle had a lot of people work with photography.
81. Jungshin revealed his photography skill is still lacking, he would like to study more if he has the time.
82. Jungshin loves fashion much.
83. Jungshin said his style mentor is Yonghwa. “I ask for advice Yonghwa, because he dress well.”
84. And once Yonghwa said Jungshin’s fashion taste is similar to his.
85. Jungshin’s wardrobe consists of black and white. He likes Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garçons (Japanese brand).
86. Jungshin has once received YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) t-shirt and he like it very much and since then he likes YSL as well.
87. Jungshin like star patterns a lot, same with Yonghwa.
88. Jungshin likes Kimura Takuya. He watched almost all of his dramas.
89. And Jungshin is Takeuchi Yuko’s fans. He said from watching Pride he became Takeuchi Yuko-san’s fan.
90. Jungshin’s first relationship is when he was 2nd grade of high school.
91. Jungshin broke up at 2nd year of high school, and he didn’t have GF after that.
92. The reason Jungshin broke up >“At the last, I was a trainee, I just wanted to concentrate on it. I didn’t want to bother anything else.
93. Jungshin confessed that He has never dated longer than 100 days.
94. YongHwa: “Jungshin has very high standard about woman.” JongHyun added “In my opinion, Jungshin cannot marry, he is so picky.”
95. Jungshin’s fav type of girl is someone who’s open minded and understands him.
96. Jungshin: “I’m looking for someone who can understand me well and who can lead me in a better manner. I don’t mind a difference in age.”
97. About physically, Jungshin’s ideal type is a girl who looks good in wearing a cap. And he also likes a pale skin girl.
98. And Jungshin likes a girl of pretty smile. He likes a girl who has beautiful smiling face.
99. And Jungshin hates women with cold and proud style.
100. Q: “What’s your favorite behavior or face expression of women?” | Jungshin : “Sweeping her hair up.”

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  1. Awwwww…. Now I have an idea of JungShin-maknae ^_^

  2. Rochelle Bondieumaitre

    super cute!!!!! and now i love JungShin even more!!!

  3. Sorry for the late reply, but reblogged to
    Into Ryanne’s Attic.

  4. Sonniago
  5. ShiningMaya

    Awh ~ I dont like the part about dumping his girlfriend.. :c

  6. When some one searches for his necessary thing, therefore he/she needs to be available that in detail, so that thing
    is maintained over here.

  7. Now I know we have at least 8 similarities. :)) thank you.

  8. Ahhh, why is jungshin oppa so picky._,

    • pam

      Because he is a Virgo man and Virgos are the pickiest of all 12 birthday signs.

  9. marelou marquez

    baka bading si jungshin at si minhyuk talaga ang gusto nya…. hahahhha JOKENESS… he’s a nice man!

  10. mhica agramon

    wow we are same zodiac sign i like jongshin too

  11. Thank you for sharing your excellent ideas. I have a web site ” http://www.musicinstruments.tv ” which promotes and shares new talent and some pros with their videos. Verify it out! I am always browsing for new ideas.

  12. Marleen Ah Wong

    Lee Jung Shin is a really interesting person…too bad hes like 12 years older than me…He has an amazing personality judging by this article or facts whatever…He’s a very likeable person. I wish more people in the world was alot like him☺️☺️☺️Well thanks for sharing information…and really I think people should give him a little more space…he seems to be telling the world about his private life which is weird because I have never seen anyone who would give out things like that…I guess he doesn’t care about what he seems to other people…He really is an amazing person😍

  13. Marleen Ah Wong

    I’m like 13…I don’t really get so pumped up about things like these but I can’t help myself too😍😍😍he really is amazing…I’m looking for someone alot like him, someone who understands me, someone who isn’t shallow or anything like that…But I guess god is just, maybe picky…I really like picky but someone who would love a psycho like me😌someone loyal😌and he will know not to ever mess around with me, he will know not to pick fights with me because I will go mental…😌good luck to my future and his too😊

  14. I have fun with, cause I found exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye|

  15. Yuni Mi

    Reading those facts made a wild smile for me<3

  16. cynthia paniza

    thank you for the information, he wants that the personal time is precious to him to span with the important person her life that why he not much share the private matter. also he very focus of his career now. good luck with your career jungshin 🙂 i know that all fan of jungshin wants to be friend with him, I also want to be friend with jungshin to know more about him… hehehe

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